Southeast Coast Trip – Day 3 (South Carolina)

I woke up early Monday morning to meet Captain George Gallager just up the road for yet another boat trip, this time out to the Cape Romain lighthouse, just off the coast of McClellanville. We had also planned to go over to the Georgetown light, but the choppy waters and windy and cloudy conditions prevented the longer cruise. Even though the sun didn’t come out that morning,  it was still a very enjoyable trip and I even got to see the original shorter Cape Romain light right next to the taller one.

Georgetown was my next port of call, and I remember this quaint little town from the last time I was there about 5 years ago. The boat captain from my morning trip recommended I go to the Georgetown marina and see if I can get a charter out to the Georgetown light. And that’s exactly what I was able to do. With a few hours to kill before my next boating adventure, I played a round at the local disc golf course and had lunch on the historic downtown section at the Big Tuna Restaurant & Raw Bar. I then met the boat captain at the marina who took me out to see the Georgetown light. It was quite a bumpy ride out there and I was literally hanging on to my seat as we sped out across the open waters. And even though the water was too choppy to put the boat right at the dock of the light, I still got some great photos of it.

It was then off for some more disc golf up in Loris. However, the heavy rain prevented me from getting in a full 18 holes. So I then made my way back towards the ocean and checked into my ‘free’ hotel room at Myrtle Beach. Actually, the room was supposed to be free since I attended one of those timeshare presentations and my reward was a free 3-day, 2-night at a nice hotel. What they failed to mention was the room tax and that you have to attend yet another presentation. I was able to get out of the presentation part but still had to pay the high tax. Not too happy about this, I figured a long walk on the beach and then a round or two of night disc golf at Tupelo Bay might make me feel better, so I played the lighted 9-hole course just down the road in Garden City that is part of an executive 9-hole ball golf course. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much when I lost one of my favorite discs in a murky pond.

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