Southeast Coast Trip – Day 2 (South Carolina)

As I made my way to the bathroom after a good night’s sleep, I came face to face with a deer and was really sorry I didn’t have my camera with me as it would have made for a great picture. I then took a nice walk on the beach as I watched the sunrise. I next made my way towards the Hunting Island lighthouse located at the other end of the park, and even though it didn’t open for a few more hours, I took a bunch of photos of it. With some more time to kill, I then hiked along the marsh boardwalk and went out to the fishing pier. I then went up in the lighthouse and explored the grounds a bit more before driving over to Charleston for a few rounds of disc golf at four of the courses in that area. Not much excitement at the courses other than losing a few discs and coming face-to-face with a huge wild boar. I’m just glad and fortunate he didn’t try to attack me. That definitely would’ve ended my trip early and on a major down note.

I then drove over to Folly Beach and went on another rewarding dolphin-watching boat cruise with Island Hopper Boat Charters, with many more dolphins to see and a fun time hanging out near the Morris Island lighthouse. Even though it was a ways out in the water, the low tide allowed me to walk all the way up to it and had I had some shoes on, I may have even been able to go up inside of it. Ironically, 5 guys were just at the light, where they were hanging out at the very top of it. Needless to say, I wanted to join them but I got there a bit too late.

I next enjoyed a nice sunset on Folly Beach, even though I did a number on my feet with the sand in my sneakers not feeling too good on my heels. I was hoping to camp out again, but ended up getting a hotel troom in Mount Pleasant, mainly because both of my cameras had run out of batteries and I needed an electrical outlet to recharge them. I also needed to tend to my aching feet.

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