Disc Golf on Key Biscayne

My friend Dan from Canada and I went down to Key Biscayne Saturday morning to play what could be the next new disc golf course in south Florida – Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. Key Biscayne is one of my favorite spots to go and bike around, so I was particularly excited at the prospect of playing disc golf down there too. Since the park is still in the early stages of planning the course, a fundraiser was set up to promote the sport and show the park officials how the course would be set up. 18 temporary baskets were brought in by the 20 or so golfers who showed up, and a fun short course was set up, with about half the holes right on the beach. I didn’t play too well, but I didn’t really care. I always enjoy playing a new course, and it was great see some old disc golf buddies I haven’t seen in a while.

After the mini-tournament, I showed Dan the rest of Key Biscayne, including Bill Baggs Park and the Cape Florida lighthouse. We got there right before they closed up the lighthouse so we got to enjoy the beautiful view from up top. I also showed him the cool view of downtown Miami from the Key Biscayne side as we headed off the key. As we drove back up north, we stopped in downtown Hollywood for some great people-watching and good live music. This was Dan’s first time in Hollywood, so I took him to Hollywood Beach next, where we had dinner and walked along the boardwalk. I always enjoy playing tour guide, especially when its around some of my favorite stomping grounds.

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