Disc golfin’ in Kentucky and Indiana

Iroquois Park - Louisville, KentuckyOne thing I’ve always wanted to do was to fly to a city I’ve never been to before for just a weekend, rent a car and play all the disc golf courses within that area. So after looking into different cities and states to pull this off, I decided that Louisville, Kentucky was the perfect spot. And that’s exactly where I went this past weekend. My friend, Steve and I flew out early Friday morning, landing in Louisville around noon, and getting out to our first course at Iroquois Park, which is just ten minutes west of the airport. It took us a little while to get used to the elevation and the searching for our discs under the tons of fallen leaves. But we were definitely enjoying the cool weather and the first of many new courses on our trip. We then drove about 15 miles east to the other Louisville course at Charlie Vettiner Park. We had heard alot of good things about this course, and it did not disappoint, as we were digging the up and downhill shots interspersed through the course. After the first round, we had just enough time for at least another 9 holes. As we arrived at the tough 12th hole, which is a straight shot down a gully and then a bit of an uphill ending, I pulled out a disc I had found earlier on the course to throw as my final shot. Steve told me that if I get a hole-in-one with this disc, he will puke. Unbelievably, my shot went straight down the fairway and slammed into the basket 271 feet away, sticking for a day-ending ace. Luckily, Steve didn’t throw up either. We then drove south 30 minutes to Elizabethtown, where we got a hotel room and prepared for our next-morning round.

Freeman Lake Park - Elizabethtown, KentuckyWe started off Saturday morning at Freeman Lake Park, which we both could not get enough of. Absolutely picturesque park and a champion-caliber course, we were sorry we only had enough time for one round. We then went a bit up north to Radcliff, where we played the fun and hilly city park course. After a quick round at this short course, our next stop was right up the road at the Muldraugh course. The first hole was one of the most unique holes we’ve ever played – you had to throw through a small tunnel under the road (see video below). I’m proud to say we both made it through cleanly. This course was like a bigger and meaner version of the Radcliff course we just played. Another enjoyable course down, the next course in Brandenburg was right around the corner. Unfortunately, though, we didn’t see that corner and drove 20 minutes north the wrong way. Once we fugured out our error, we headed back south and finally found the course. Normally, we still would of had enough time for a round or even two at Meade Olin Park, but we had plans to play a glow-in-the-dark tournament at a course about two hours due west. So after only playing 10 holes at Olin Park, we made our way into Indiana to Mesker Park - Evansville, IndianaMesker Park in Evansille. Thinking we were going to be late, we crossed a time zone and ended up arriving right on time with the time change. Steve’s friend hipped us to this night tournament, which was a doubles format. The course was covered in over 150 lit pumpkins, including a lit pumpkin on the top of each basket. Playing a first round at a new course is always interesting, but this was the first time I ever played a course for the first time at night…in the dark…where you could hardly see anything. Luckily, my doubles partner was a local and knew the course inside and out. And after a slow start, we finally started to hit on all cylinders and birdied our last 8 holes, which earned us a second place finish out of 28 teams and $30 each.

We had originally planned to drive back the 2 hours towards Louisville after the tournament, but we were both too tired and wanted to play a few of the other courses in and around the Evansville area. So after staying the night there, we hit our first course on Sunday morning at the University of Southern Indiana. Yet another The Fun Farm - Corydon, Indianascenic and hilly course, with many fun and challenging holes. We weren’t sure which course we were going to hit next, but ended up back across the Ohio River in Kentucky about 15 minutes away in Henderson, where we enjoyed the new Atkinson Park course. We then got back on the road as we headed east towards the airport but staying in Indiana to our next course in Corydon at the Fun Farm – a recreational complex that has go-cart racing, paintball, and…oh yeah, disc golf too! We both agreed this was our second favorite course after Freeman Lake, and it lived up to its name – fun! With just enough time for one more round before we flew back to Florida, we stopped by Garry Cavan Park in Georgetown. A bit disappointing, as the layout of the course wasn’t as nice as the previous courses we had played, but we still enjoyed our last round of our trip. And just for good measure, I almost got another hole-in-one on my last throw, as my drive bounced off the basket. Overall, the trip went very smoothly. We couldn’t say the same about the flight home, as we barely made our connection in Atlanta. Due to a late start in Louisville, we got to the gate in Atlanta right as the plane was supposed to take off. Thinking for sure they were going to give away our seats (happened to me when I flew back from Virginia a few months ago), we were both shocked we actually got on our flight, but very thankful at the same time. And now that I’ve finally done a weekend disc golf trip in another state, I’ve already planned the next one – Memphis in May – look out, Elvis, here I come!

Hole 1 at the Muldraugh Disc Golf Course in Muldraugh, Kentucky:

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