Hawaii Trip – Day 10 (Waianae Coast)

Coconut cutter at Swap MeetAlthough disc golf wasn’t necessarily on the agenda, I knew of a disc golf course on the University of Hawaii near Waikiki, where the local golfers meet every Sunday morning for a quick round. I figured I’d play it by ear, and if things worked out, we’d go check out the course, especially since I hadn’t really planned anything for this day. But after a drizzly morning and a phone call from the front desk that our rental car had a flat tire, the thought of disc golf quickly disappeared. After getting the spare put on, we drove out to the airport to trade in our car for another one. Since we hadn’t finished all our souvenir shopping yet, we then headed over to the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium, which is known for being the host of the NFL’s Pro Bowl.

Thousands of vendors lined up outside the perimeter of the stadium, selling everything under the sun and more. It was quite Makua Beachamazing and overwhelming too, but we did get some great deals on many items as we loaded up the car after spending a few hours out there. I figured since we have yet to see the southwest section of the island to venture off that-a-way. Known for its poor and rough reputation, not to mention its not-so-pretty landscape, we set out for find out for ourselves. As we drove along the Waianae coast, we were both shocked by the villages of torn tents and beaten-up cars strewn along the beach and the stunning beauty of the coastline. Driving about as far as you can, we checked out Makua Beach, where the pounding surf was producing some of the biggest waves and rock crashes we’ve seen all trip. 

Rainbow at MakahaAs we came upon Makaha, one of Oahu’s poorest and roughest areas, we saw a plate lunch area. so we pulled over and had a fabulous Hawaiian feast on the beach, which included a pork and beef dish wrapped in seaweed. As we left, we noticed on the mountainside a gorgeous rainbow peaking out from a valley. We pulled over several times to get a photo of it, while the locals expressed their disapproval of us in their area. A ittle further down the road was the town of Waianae, where we ventured off on the beaches there too. Overall, we found this area of the island to be quite beautiful and charming and the locals quite friendly.

After getting back to Waikiki, the sun was starting to go down, so we hung out on the Newspaper manbeach to watch the beautiful sunset. C-Lo and I then went out to the International Market Place just down the street to finish up our shopping, and while out walking around, we saw a few street performers, including one guy all decked out in a newspaper suit, sitting completely still on a bench. When C-Lo dropped a dollar in his newspaper-covered bucket, he motioned her to sit down and read the paper with him. It was quite entertaining as I got some great photos and video of the two of them. C-Lo then went back to the room, while I wandered around some more, making my way to the immaculate Hilton Hawaiian Village resort. About as impressive as the Turtle Bay one, it reminded me alot of the high-class Disney properties in Orlando.

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