Hawaii Trip – Day 2 (Waikiki)

Waikiki Beach morningWe were about to find out how much the 6-hour time difference was going to affect us as we both got up around 5 in the morning (11 am  our normal east coast time). Still both tired, we managed to make our way one block down to Waikiki Beach, where we enjoyed a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise, as it rose over the skyscrapers and mountains. We then took a 2-hour walk along the beach, marveling at the crystal blue ocean water and fancy hotels, while watching all the surfers hanging ten.

Since this is part of C-Lo’s timeshare, she had to do a presentation, which we were hoping would only take an hour or so. Three hours later, we finally got back out in the sun, and had a filling lunch at Maui Tacos. We then walked off lunch along the scenic and ritzy Kalakaua Avenue, taking in all the swanky stores and beachfront properties. We walked past the zoo, and while we didn’t go in it, we enjoyed the surrounding park as we continued to explore downtown Waikiki. We also did a little souvenir shopping at the ABC Store, where we were expecting to find just alcohol, not great deals on gifts and trinkets. Apparently, every other store in downtown Waikiki is an ABC Store, or at least that’s how it seemed.

Dining at Hy's Steak HouseAs a gift for attending the timeshare meeting, C-Lo’s representative made reservations for us at a super-fancy restaurant down the road called Hy’s Steak House, in which he also treated us to a delicious dinner (C-Lo had the half rack of lamb, I had a brandy-marinated seafood dish), drinks and a great Cappuccino Truffle dessert. More walking followed as made our way back along the stylish Kuhio Avenue, ducking in and out of all the cool shops. After returning to the hotel, we couldn’t wait to catch up on some more sleep.

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