North Fort Myers Disc Golf Tournament

A couple disc golf buddies, Steve and Ken, and I were planning to go play the 1-day disc golf tournament at Maximo Park in St. Petersburg this past Saturday. But after a few phone calls Friday night, we decided to skip the 4-hour drive and instead play the 2-hours-away North Fort Myers tourney at North Fort Myers Community ParkNorth Fort Myers Community Park. Hoping for a good turnout, only 11 players showed up. Since I was the only one in the Advanced division, the tournament director asked if I wanted to move down to the Intermediate division. I knew better since I had just won my first tourney as a pro a month ago at my home course. But when I saw that a fellow East Coaster was also bagging, I moved down with the only goal in mind to beat him.

After a shaky first round, I was 2 strokes back and in third place. Since this was such a casual tourney, I had nothing to lose, which was the perfect attitude to have as my second round was the best round I’ve had at this course, in which I shot a bogey-free 8 under. I won my second tournament in as many months, and I accomplished my goal of beating my fellow bagger by 4 strokes, Since the turnout was so low, so was the payout – I won a disc! But I also won a CTP (closet to the pin), which netted me a shirt and a fun disc golf card game called RipT. Overall, a fun and successful day of golf, as Steve beat Ken and the three other pro players.

As we drove back in the rain, the three of us agreed we made the right choice as far as the traveling portion went. The drive back wasn’t nearly as bad as it would’ve been from St. Pete.

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