West Palm Beach

CityPlaceOne of my favorite cities to bike around and explore is West Palm Beach, which is exactly which I did on Sunday. I kicked off the morning by walking around and hanging out at CityPlace, a super-cool shopping district. I then made my way to downtown West Palm, where I took in the sights and sounds of this historic area. I was a little disappointed, though, that I couldn’t walk along the Intracoastal Waterway, as construction was being done along the waterfront road and sidewalk.

I then headed across the bridge to Palm Beach Island, where I hopped on my bike for another fun ride along the Lake trail, even though Intracoastal trail would be a more appropriate name. This is my favorite bike ride in south Florida, and have done this trail probably 100 times. Before my rollerblades broke, I used to first blade it and then bike it. The picturesque 5-mile trail goes past West Palm’s oldest house, Duck’s Philip Hulitar Sculpture GardenNest, dating from 1891, and ends at a boat dock overlooking the Palm Beach Inlet and Peanut Island. I decided to take the upper trail back, which goes along and offers some great views of the beach. I also stopped to check out the Palm Beach Inlet, which, ironically, I’ve never done before. It was very cool to explore some unchartered territory in a very familiar area. I then biked the south part of the trail, which passes by a large kapok tree with amazingly big roots, and Henry Flager’s house and mansion, both dating from the late 1800’s. I took a detour down Royal Palm Way, where I stopped and enjoyed the Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden.

Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal ChurchAfter putting the bike away, I walked over to the famous Breakers Hotel & Resort, where I’ve had the good fortune to spend some time at in the past. I always love walking through this beautful building and especially enjoy the stroll along the backside that overlooks the beach. I then drove over to the charming and quaint Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Another one of my favorite stops in West Palm Beach, it is also the spot where Donald Trump tied the knot 4 years ago.

I then moseyed over to the beach and made my way to Worth Avenue, which is an appropriate name, being that you have to be worth quite a bit to shop here, with such big name stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. I always feel like a bum when I walk around this area, compared to all the well-dressed shoppers. But I never get tired of walking in between the shops to venture through the small gardens and romantic cafes that are tucked away off the street. A great way to conclude another fun and exciting day in West Palm Beach.

Worth Avenue

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