Three-Day Mid-Week Mini-Vacation

Coral CastleAfter spending a fun weekend entertaining C-Lo and Mamey, Mamey had to go back to Virginia. But not before a fantastic Monday night dinner at Cabana El Ray, an excellent Cuban restaurant in Delray Beach, After dropping off Mamey at the airport Tuesday morning, I took the next three days off and did some more exploring of south Florida with C-Lo. Most of the places I showed her I had been to previously, but we kicked off the Tuesday fun at a place that I’ve never been to before, but had heard all about. The Coral Castle is a famed south Florida tourist spot that I’ve passed by many times, but never actually stopped at. Located in Homestead, which is south of Miami, the castle was built between 1923 and 1951, and made entirely of coral rock; it was one man’s ‘devotion’ to the girl he loved and lost. It’s still a mystery to this day how one person could build such a maginificent structure all by himself. After thoroughly enjoying the castle, we headed to the Cauley Square Historic Village for lunch at the Tea Room Restaurant where we both the enjoyed the Hot Crabmeat Au Gratin. After a short walk around the village, we headed back to Robert Is HerePinecrest Gardens for another round of their tasty fruit shakes. This time, I got the Key Lime Papaya shake. We then started heading back up north. On the way, we stopped at Pinecrest Gardens in Kendall for a nice stroll around the gardens. Pinecrest Gardens used to be the location of Parrot Jungle. We capped off the day with a fun night on the town.

Since we spent Tuesday down south, we went up north the next day. Since she also loves to go on hikes, I took C-Lo to one of my favorite hiking spots at Oxbow Eco-Center in Port St. Lucie, where she got to see (and touch) an armadillo for the first time.


Click the video to see Bo the Armadillo in action:


Hobe Sound National Wildlife RefugeWe then went to the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge in Hobe Sound, where we relaxed and hung out on the ‘beach’. Afterwards, we met up with some friends for dinner in Juno Beach at Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill, one of my favorites restaurants in Florida. I have eaten here several times and have turned many friends onto this charming little place. They’ve all given it rave reviews, I couldn’t agree more. Another crazy night on the town ensued.

After a whirlwind Tuesday and Wednesday, we slept in and took it easy on Thursday while hanging out at Fort Lauderdale Beach. We spent the evening at Delray Beach, where C-Lo caught up with an old college friend she hadn’t seen in 15 years. After an enjoyable time and another great dinner, this time at Tryst, we concluded our little vacation with one more night of fun and entertainment. C-Lo and I both agreed it was one of our funnest trips ever.

Click here for map.

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