The Orlando Disc Golf Trip – Take 2

Take 2, you say? I actually attempted this very same trip 5 months ago with 2 buddies as we played play disc golf along the east coast on our way to Orlando. The whole point of that trip was to play the 4 fantastic courses in the big O on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday never happened after 2 pints of vodka and a broken hotel window at 3 in the morning cut the trip short. Fast forward to this past weekend – same trip, same courses, different (non-alcoholic) buddies. This time, the cast was myself, Crystal, the Aussie, and his girlfriend, She-Ra. (Click here to learn more about each).

The Disc Golf GangThe first course we hit was an hour up the road on the Florida Atlantic University Campus in Jupiter. After a crazy round of golf to kick off the trip, which included climbing an electrical tower to retrieve an errant throw, we headed across the street to enjoy the Farmer’s Market, where we sampled several types of food, including some incredible pies, like nectarine and banana. We were so impressed, we got a Key Lime Pie for the road. We next headed to Fort Pierce to a fun and beautifully-landscaped 9-hole course. After a quick 9 and some mexican lunch, we then went to Malabar, which boasts one of the toughest courses in Florida. The whole course is just a sea of saw palmettos that are more than eager to ‘eat’ you up with every step. Since I was the only one who had played here before, I knew what to expect, and was able to avoid the ragged rough. Can’t say the same for the others. But I know they walked away proud to have not lost a single disc (or leg). The fourth and final course of the day was in Cocoa, which has 21 holes (most courses are either 18 or 9 holes). After a much easier round than Malabar, we sat down by a lake for some Key Lime Pie, a beautiful sunset and a visiting gator just off the shore. Luckily, he’s not a big fan of Key Lime Pie.

After finally figuring out where our hotel was in Orlando, we managed to squeeze in an extra round of golf…putt-putt, that is! at 11 o’clock – and the course closed at 11:30. Needless to say, after 2 courses and 28 holes later, we didn’t finish til early Sunday morning. The putt-putt guy was not too happy with us, especially since he warned us to only play the shorter course! Oops!

After an uneventful night’s sleep (no broken windows, cops or getting kicked out of the hotel). I finally got to play the Orlando courses that I so wanted to play 5 months ago. The first 2 rounds were at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, which has 2 of the funnest courses in Florida. The scenery itself is incredible, with Turkey Lake the backdrop for many of the holes. We then played the last 2 rounds of the weekend at Barnett Park, which also boasts another 2 great courses. Overall, the trip was tons of fun, the competition great, and no one lost any discs. But we did manage to lose a couple golf balls at the putt-putt course.

Click here for map.

Lake patrol at F. Burton Smith Park in Cocoa, FL

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