Crystal, the Aussie and Mr. Automatic

There are usually 2 things that keep me at home on a weekend – Tiger Woods and the weather. Yes, I admit it, I love watching Tiger Woods play. And I’m not even a big fan of golf. Matter of fact, before he came along, I absolutely hated golf, and wouldn’t even think of watching it. But when he’s playing and winning, which he does quite often, I’m parked right in front of the TV rooting him on.

And then there’s the weather, which, in this case, kept me at home on Saturday. In the middle of our usual south Floridian March drought, we got a monsoon of much-needed rain, and it was driving me crazy not to be able to go out and enjoy the day. But on the positive side, I got alot done around the house. So, as you could imagine, with my cabin fever quickly rising, I couldn’t wait to get out on Sunday. And luckily, Sunday was a gorgeous day. And an extremely fun day too!

It wasn’t because I went anywhere new or exciting or even far (I actually just The Basket and the Iguanadrove 5 minutes down the road), it was WHO I spent the day with.  See, I play a very unique sport called disc golf (much different and cooler than ball golf – sorry, Tiger). Most people have never even heard of it, and the few that have mainly know it as frisbee golf. Anyhoo, there’s a disc golf league every Sunday morning at my home course at Easterlin Park. I used to play the league on a more regular basis, but now it’s a rare occurence that I make it out there. But I’m really glad I showed up today because I got to have a little reunion with my two disc golf traveling buddies, Crystal and the Aussie.

Not getting to play together anymore due to our hectic lives and work schedules (theirs, not mine), the three of us used to go traveling all over the state a few years back playing disc golf. Matter of fact, we used to have quite a few golfers ask to join us because of the all the fun they heard we were having. Sometimes, we’d go traveling to a tournament, while other times it was to play a new course or one of our favorites. But the best part about those trips was the fun, the camaraderie and the competition. And the fact that the three of us are so different from each other, it’s a wonder we even get along at all. Crystal is a gay Hawaiian fellow whose real name is not Crystal, but he just fits his nickname so well. And who’s game has grown immensely over the past few years. And then you got the Aussie (guess where he’s from) , who’s not only a very nice guy with a cool accent, but who also picked up the game so quickly and effortlessly, it’s hard to believe he’s only been playing for 2 years.

Crystal throwing out of the drink at Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah, FL

And then there’s me, a 15 year veteran, who the Aussie christened me Mr. Automatic because I would make every putt within 20 feet and was usually good for a few 30 and 40 footers too. I’m sad to report that I have since lost that moniker, as my putting has gone down the tubes. I decided to pull a Tiger Woods (there he is again) and completely change my game, and it seems my putting has suffered the most. But today, it didn’t matter – it was all about good times and great fun. Oh yeah, and kicking some disc golf booty too! And the Aussie even brought along his girlfriend, She-Ra, who fits in perfectly with our messing around and trash-talking. And she’s quite the player herself.

I don’t know when’s the next time the three of us will meet up again and enjoy another fun round(s) of golf, but it was great to get the gang back together again today. And it sure sucked to see how much better they have gotten than me. And to think they used to think I was the she-ott! Now my game stinks like she-ott!

To get a better idea of what disc golf is and how it’s played, click on the video below. I wrote the song and made a video for it as a tribute to one of our favorite disc golf sayings.  It’s called “Hello Tree” (inspired by the Honeymooners’ “Hello Ball” episode), and it pays homage to every disc golfer’s arch-nemesis – trees! By the way, this video was shot entirely at Easterlin Park, and even though Crystal and the Aussie are not in the video (a stand-in was used), it is the three of us plus another good friend providing the vocals.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Crystal, the Aussie and Mr. Automatic

  1. traviling jones, you definately crack me up. Love the video. It’s so you. Who do you get to record it for you. keep up the good work. i’ll stay tuned…

  2. Awesome! I loved the video. The deadpan to the broken disc was classic. I can tell that you have fun and are a blast to hang out with. I can’t wait for the weekend! Where are we going?

  3. Awesome, Awesome post!! I want to come play disc golf now! I always see those guys and gals over at “that part of the park” and wonder what in the heck they find so fascinating about throwing that flat thingy into that metal thingy, and now I guess I know. It’s all about avoiding the stupid mutant trees!!

    Your blog is fast becoming one I eagerly await reading each week. Great job, Traveling Jones!!

  4. Seems like one of those ‘strange but true’ things that people like to get up to in their spare time! Looks fun though, bet Tiger Woods couldn’t do it!

  5. Do they always put the catcher thingies right next to a tree or are you guys just lucky?

    Thanks, Traveling Jones, this is just what I needed today. You guys are high-larious.

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