St. Lucie County Natural Areas

Paleo HammockI came across a pamphlet a few years ago that was entitled ‘St. Lucie County Natural Areas and Preserves’. Inside are 26 different natural areas and preserves strewn across Port St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce. Being the adventurous type, I started going to alot of these places, including Oxbow Eco-Center and Wildcat Cove. After a a year or so, I had gone to almost every area in that pamphlet, and I only had a few left to hit, all located out west. So I spent Saturday conquering these last few places. My first destination was Paleo Hammock¬†Preserve, which has a one-mile intrepretive trail and an observation tower. The next area, Teague Hammock Preserve, was just across the street, and I really enjoyed this hike as I came across a couple tangerine Pinelands Preservetrees with some of the best tangerines I’ve ever had. And I had about 10 of them. I would’ve had more, but I was all tangerined out! Next stop was Pinelands Preserve – a natural site with more than six miles of trails and an observation tower. And even though I didn’t hike all 6 miles, I kinda felt like I did. The final area to mark off the list was Bluefield Preserve. At over 3,000 acres and 20 miles of hiking and horse trails, easily the biggest natural area in St. Lucie County. I probably hiked 3 of those miles, and about 10 overall for the day. Since I was right above Lake Okeechobee, I drove along it for a while til I reached West Palm Beach and headed back down south.

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