Disc golfing in Gainesville, Brooksville and Ocala

After a disastrous past weekend, which included paying $400 for a broken hotel window, I was ready for a much saner and easier-going weekend, in which Steve and I (no Roy this time) traversed across northwest Florida playing disc golf. We had planned this trip for a few months now, and since Steve had never played any of these courses, he was pretty excited to hit some of the best courses in all of Florida. After driving four hours straight to Gainesville, we played our first Saturday round at Northside Park. Next up was the extremely tough Greenway course in Ocala. Our third course is considered one the hardest courses in Florida and one of the prettiest too. Playing on a ball golf course, Red Hawk is situated near Florida’s west coast in Crystal River. One of the major disc golf tournaments is played here annually, bringing out the best players from across the globe. After a long and high-scoring round (we rented a golf cart, or the round would have even been longer), we retired for the day, at least n golf terms. We did manage to get in a few games of bowling, before settling in at a hotel in Inverness, the site of our next course.

We kicked off Sunday morning at the short, fun and heavily wooded Whispering Pines Park course. Apparently, I still wasn’t wide awake because I managed to hit what seemed like every single tree on the course, and even shot worse here than at the monster-long Crystal River course. We then drove down the road to Floral Park in Floral City. Before they put in a course here, I used to walk around this park thinking this would be the perfect place for a disc golf course. Apparently, someone else felt that way too and I now love coming back here to play this super-fun course. Our next course was in Brooksville, and it was also on a ball golf course, this time a nine-holer (all the other courses we had played had been 18 holes). Situated on an old rock quarry, the course is appropriately called the Quarry. Brooksville used to hold the distinction of having the toughest course in Florida called the Gran Canyon. Unfortunately, that property was sold and the course was taken out. So many local golfers now call the quarry course the Mini-Canyon, due to its elevation and toughness. Even though I’ve played all these courses before, these are all first-time courses for Steve. So our next course was a first-timer for both of us. Situated on the grounds of the Word of Life Church in Hudson, the weather was starting to take a turn for the worst as we played a wet, windy and cold round. As we drove through some torrential downpours to our next and last course of our trip, we also had to contend with darkness. So no surprise when we pulled up the executive ball golf course in Lutz to find that it was closed. That last round in Hudson kinda did us in anyways, and we were both ready to head back the four hours to home. But compared to the previous weekend, this was great trip and the company was sober!

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