The Orlando Disc Golf Trip

I took a couple good disc golf buddies, Steve & Roy, up to Orlando to play the great courses up there. Since we planned on playing at Turkey Lake Park on Sunday morning, I made reservations to stay at a cabin there the night before. I’ve gone on several recent disc golf trips with Steve, including this exact same trip just a few months earlier, where we stayed in a cabin at the park. Ironically, before I knew Steve, I used to go traveling to different courses with Roy quite often. But due to some personal issues, we stopped traveling together a while back. He’s been really wanting to play the Orlando courses for some time now, and though I would never invite him along, he said he changed for the better, and I decided to take his word and bring him along with Steve and I.

Florida Atlantic University disc golf course - Jupiter, FloridaSince Orlando is three hours away, we played a bunch of courses on the way up, including the course at the Florida Atlantic University campus in Jupiter, the super-fun 9 hole course in Ft. Pierce, the tough palmetto-bush-covered course in Malabar, and the birdie-laden Cocoa course. After a fun-filled (and sometimes frustrating) day of golf, we arrived in Orlando and concluded our day with one more round of golf…this time, putt putt golf at Pirate’s Cove. Steve and I played this course the last time we were in Orlando and I even got in a round with my friend C-Lo during her visit from Virginia. Now it was Roy’s turn to see how much fun this mini-golf course is. And yes, here were 3 forty-year-olds having a blast and acting like 3 five-year-olds. Who says you have to grow up!

We then arrived at the park to check into our cabin. When Steve and I were here last, we also made reservations the day before and the park left the cabin open with the key inside. Unfortunately, they forgot to unlock the door or leave us a key this time, and we had no way of getting into the cabin. Being that it was a tad bit too cold to camp out, we had to get a room at a nearby motel. Since the room only had two beds, Roy and I each took a bed, and Steve slept on the ground on top of all our sleeping bags. As I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that Roy had brought some vodka with him. Thinking that he had finally kicked his drinking habit, I was none too happy with this, and asked him not to drink it. Unfortunately, my words fell on deaf ears. Upset with him, I had some trouble falling asleep, but eventually did. Then, around 3 am, I heard a loud glass smash. Not knowing if I was dreaming or if this actually happened, I woke up and start looking around. Just then, I heard a knock on the door with someone yelling to let them in. My first thought was that someone just tried to break in and was knocking at the door. As I apprehensively made my way to the door, I noticed that Roy was not in his bed, but was on top of Steve on the floor. As the knocking continued, I opened the door to the office manager demanding me to tell her what happened. Not yet fully awake and completely confused, I told her I didn’t know and then she asked me to step outside where she showed me our room window in pieces on the balcony. Just then, Roy struggled to his feet and started getting belligerent with the manager. Scared, she went back down to the office.

As I started to figure out what happened, I checked to make sure Steve and Roy were okay. Amazingly, no glass fell on them, as there were huge glass chards just above their heads resting on the air conditioner. I then realized the severity of it all and went to the office. As I walked there, five cop cars pulled up. The manager had called the police on us, and, of course, they started questioning me. I explained the best I could as far as what happened – it seemed Roy fell out of his bed, and as he tried to get up, he tripped over Steve, and either his hand or head busted out the window as he fell on top of Steve. Luckily, the thick curtain prevented him from getting cut up. The police then talked to Steve and Roy. Completely drunk and incohesive, Roy started acting up with the cops and they demanded he show them his ID or they will cart him off to jail. He followed their orders and showed them his ID. In the meantime, I went back to the office, where I had to pay $400 for the broken window. Oh yeah, and we also got kicked out of the motel (no surprise there).

As I walked back to the room, I was fuming mad, and I decided to drive the three hours back home. The whole purpose of this trip was so Roy could play the Orlando courses, but he decided to get drunk instead. As I explained to the guys to pack up their stuff, Roy started acting up with me, refusing to go. Roy’s much bigger and stronger than me, and he’s also toasted, but I had to do everything in my power not to hit him. Steve’s even bigger than Roy, and I noticed he was ready to grab him just in case I followed through on my anger. I was able to keep it together, and Roy finally got in the back seat, where he proceeded to pass out. Super tired and extremely pissed, I was able to stay awake as I drove back, and since I dropped Steve off first, I then had to drive the last 15 minutes with Roy, who was now awake. As he tried to talk to me, I told him not now and that we’ll talk later. After finally getting home, I tried to go back to sleep but to no avail. As I laid in bed for a few hours thinking about what happened, I ended up going to the local disc golf course, where Steve happened to also be. Apparently, he had no luck going back to sleep either.

I noticed that Roy left his phone in my car, and I knew I had to get it back to him. After playing a few rounds with Steve and some of the other golfers, who also couldn’t believe what happened, Steve and I headed over to Roy’s to drop off his phone and to collect my $400. Sobered up by now, we told Roy everything that happened. Of course, he didn’t remember a thing and was shocked and very sorry about what took place. I explained to him how lucky he was not to end up in jail or even in the hospital. And he then proceeded to tell me he drank not one but two pints of vodka. Although he paid me back, I was extremely disappointed in him, and felt betrayed, as he swore he had changed. Apparently, the only thing that changed was our friendship, or what used to be of it.

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